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Stop and smell the roses! This rose bundle is the perfect bundle of all your favourites!

The smell of roses gives you an exotic, calming feeling that makes you feel so rich and deserving of only the best life can give you. You can use this kit for yourself to help with self care or you can gift it to a friend, either way you are going to enjoy the benefits.

This is a fabulous kit to give as a gift or as a gift to yourself for some self care. It includes a great bar of Naturally Rose scented soap in the design of a flower, this is a glycerine based soap without any harsh chemicals. It will leave your skin so soft. The Romantic Bath salts are a glorious combination of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang essential oils in a beautiful dead sea salt. This can be for a slight change from the Rose scent.

Next we have the Rose Bubble Bath, just think for a moment how luxurious that Rose bubble bath is going to feel as you sink into the bath and forget all about the stresses of the day. This Rose Bubble Bath is Hypo-allergenic.

The Rose Shower gel is also a beautiful way of getting the steam inhalation of the Rose without taking the time to have a bath. This shower gel has NO SLS or DEA.

The Rose Body Butter is a thicker type cream, great to use as a naturally based perfume. It can also be used to help protect the skin or smooth it out, the body butter will stay on the skin a lot longer than other thinner consistency creams. 

The Rose Perfume Stick is a natural waxed based stick that you can use as a perfume stick. You can apply to the wrist, throat, cleavage or any other places on the body that you wish to scent.

This kit includes.

Bar of Rose soap

Romantic Bath Salts

60 ml Rose Bubble Bath

60 ml Rose Shower Gel

15gr Rose Body Butter

Rose Perfume Stick

5 ml Rose Roll on



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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