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Enjoying and Nurturing Nature's Woods:

Specialized Outdoor blend and Mist

Whispering Woods: Specialized Outdoor Blend for Young Explorers

Step into a world where adventure knows no bounds, where Litsea Cubeba and Spearmint join hands in a symphony of protection. Our Specialized Outdoor Blend dances in a sweet almond and coconut embrace, crafted to stand as nature's shield for children, mothers-to-be, and cherished animals. This isn't just an blend;  it's a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors.

Nature's Lullaby: The Artistry of Litsea Cubeba and Spearmint Litsea Cubeba, with its delicate whispers of tranquility, mingles with the vivacious energy of Spearmint, crafting a blend that transcends boundaries. Together, they don the roles of guardians, curating an aromatic haven of safety. As the sun sets on outdoor escapades, let this blend be your companion, comforting you in its serene embrace.

For Tender Skin and Tender Moments For children, animals, and those creating life's miracles, our Specialized Outdoor blend becomes a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors without the bites and stings. It is a gentle blend on the skin for even the most sensitive skin types. It will also leave your skin soft and feeling well nourished. Allow its gentle essence to envelop you, a remind you that nature's is truly a wonderful play to enjoy.

Insect Bites Beware: The Promise of Protection As nature beckons, so do its buzzing inhabitants. Fear not, for our Specialized Outdoor blends stands as a wonderful guardian against these tiny intruders. Litsea Cubeba and Spearmint harmonize to dissuade unwanted guests, their essence on your clothing or skin help to keep them away. This blend isn't just great for the little buzzers that fly around outside but it also has a nice fragrance for you as the wearer to enjoy.

Choose Your Path: 60ml or 120ml Embrace the blend that aligns with your adventure's rhythm. Our Specialized Outdoor blend is available in both 60ml and 120ml, ensuring that you're armed with enough product to enjoy nature, no matter how long the journey's length.

Specialized Outdoor Spray: Whispers in the Breeze For those who seek an ethereal experience, our Specialized Outdoor Spray beckons. The enchanting blend of Litsea Cubeba and Spearmint is captured in an alcohol and water-based mist, ready to be your ally. Spray it upon clothing or in secluded spaces, and let the whispers of nature shield you from the elements.

A Symphony of Serenity: Your Outdoor Anthem From childhood's wonder to the miracle of pregnancy, from animal companionship to the joy of exploration, our Specialized Outdoor Blend and Spray stand as tributes to life's rich tapestry. Let the harmony of Litsea Cubeba and Spearmint be your anthem, a melody that transcends time and embraces you in the arms of nature's essence.


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