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Putting everything into one kit just makes everything so much easier when it comes to shopping for birthdays and special occassions. This is a bundle that is perfect for that relax time we all love! The scent of Jasmine is exotic and floral. It just takes every piece of stress away from you, just breathing Jasmine gives your rejeuvenation in the mind and emotions.

The Bar of Jasmine soap is in the shape of a flower which also gives it a look of being exotic. It is in a glycerine base and does NOT include any harsh chemicals.

The Jasmine Roll on is something you can use anytime of the day or evening, this again will help to soothe and balance you when it comes to stressful moments. This Roll on is also good just to feel a little exotic.

The Jasmine Perfume stick is a all natural waxed based stick with the heavenly scent of Jasmine. You can apply to your wrists, lymph areas or any other areas you wish to scent on your body.

The Jasmine Bubble Bath is a naturally based bubble bath that is hypo-allergenic. It does NOT cotain any SLS or DEA. Just imagine sinking down into a beautiful warm bath of the scent of Jasmine. Throw on a candle or two, some soft music and bathroom safe wine glass with some strawberry infused water to sip on as you enjoy some quality relaxation time.

The Jasmine Shower Gel is a great way to get that 10 minute steam inhalation whether it is a shower at night or in the morning Jasmine is a fabulous choice to give you the exotic energy you will need. This is a Shower gel base that does not have any DEA or SLS

Romantic Body Butter is a wonderful blend of two exotic essential oils, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. The body butter base is a thicker base natural cream and it is good to apply anywhere on the body, it will leave the beautiful scent of this romantic blend for quite some time. 


This kit includes

Bar of Jasmine soap

5 ml Jasmine Roll on 

Jasmine Perfume Stick

60 ml Jasmine Bubble Bath

60 ml Jasmine Shower Gel

15 gr Romantic Body Butter



Colours of soaps and ribbon will vary


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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