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After Sun Package

We can all enjoy some time out in the summer fun but sometimes we end up staying out there a little too long for our bodies and we get burned. It can be a painful experience. Here are a few products that could help with getting the heat and tenderness down and the skin back into balance.

After Sun Gentle wash infused with Aloe Vera- It is good to get in a shower as soon as possible after being out in the sun, it will help to stop the reactions from the sun. Apply this gentle wash all over your wet skin and lather gently. This product is designed to help stop the action of a possible sunburn. Follow up with Heat Relief Spray once out of the shower. This product contains castile soap with aloe infusion.

After Sun Heat Relief Spray - Spray and gently massage into the skin after a day in the sun. This product is to help stop sun-baked skin from burning further. It is a combination of peppermint, lavender and roman chamomile essential oils in a sprayable lotion base containing aloe vera and avocado oil.

Follow up with Nourishing Cream/Lotion with Olive oil once you are completely air dried.

After Sun Nourishing Lotion with Olive oil- This can be applied all over the body and gently massaged into the skin. This contains the soothing oils of Peppermint, Lavender & Roman Chamomile. This product is designed to lock in existing and additional moisture to the skin.


Week After Products

Sometime when we get a burn, it can start to peel the skin. The following products can be helpful for that phase of things. Please be sure that skin is healed underneath the peeling skin before you use any exfoliating products

Week After Sun Scrub- This product is to help exfoliate the already dead/peeling skin off. This product does have exfoliating properties please do not use before any burns are at the healing stage because it can worsen a fresh burn. Apply in the shower to wet skin, rinse. This contains the soothing essentials oils of Peppermint, Lavender & Roman Chamomile.

Week After Sun Exfoliating Body Wash- This product is used at least a week after you have had a sun burn. It is important to make sure you are in the healed phase of the sunburn and not still in the raw phase. This is a blend of a mild, full foaming wash with white lava particulates suspended throughout the gel. This light scrubbing action buffs dirt from the body. Combined with natural-based surfactants, it offers a smooth after-feel with a rejuvenating effect. This lava is basalt, containing silica, magnesium, calcium, titanium, and sodium. As a natural product, it’s mostly white in color, with the odd black fleck.

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