Self Care Extraordinaire kit

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This Self Care Extraordinaire kit is a wonderful way to keep all of the tools in one place to help with emotions and stress.We could all use a little help with this or that on every day of the week. This Kit is an excellent choice to give you just that. Just like when you go to your closet to pick out the clothes you wish to wear for the day, you can now go to your Personal scenter station and choosing the blend that you think will help you through the day (or night) the best. We all love a little variety in our worlds and when you use these roll ons they not only smell amazing but they really help to give you a better perspective on day.
This kit includes 9 5ml roll ons + one of each Mental Health Sticker (total of 3 per kit) While supplies lasts.
All bottles are 5 ml roll ons made with fractionated coconut oil
Break the cycle
A blend of Lime and Ylang Ylang to help with addiction behaviour. 

Self love

A blend of Vanilla and Grapefruit to help give your brain an internal hug.

Hugs and kisses 

This is a blend of Jasmine and Frankincense. It helps you to remember to be gentle with yourself. Romance doesnt always need to be shared with another.

I am Queen / King  (An interchangable label, put which ever your choice is in the notes section in your shopping cart.)

A blend of BlacK Pepper and Neroli to remind you that you are a powerhouse! 

Cloudy Days

A blend on Cocoa and Vanilla to help you accept the days that we feel a bit low. Rest, be easy on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day.


A blend of Neroli and Lavender to remind us that we are human and we are all equal. Celebrate yourself and others.

Be Kind 

A blend of Wild Orange and Ylang Ylang to remind us all to do all things with kindness.

I am me 

A blend of Lime, Red Mandarin, Litsea Cubeba and Ylang Ylang to celebrate you! You are perfectly you in each and every way.


A blend of Spearmint, Pine and Orange to help keep your breaths in for 5..4..3..2..1.. and out for 5..4..3..2..1.. Slow , Steady, Strong


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