Pre-Work Out Warm Up Massage Oil

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Whatever the reason for a workout, a complete physical (and mental/spiritual) warm-up before doing any kind of workout is a great idea! Using the Sportsline Pre-Workout / Warm-up Blend oil or Moisturizer can help to stimulate your muscles and your desire to exercise. With Fir, Black Pepper & Ginger, this blend is wonderfully stimulating to help you get the energy you will need for a truly enjoyable and fulfilling workout.

Apply a small amount to the large muscles of the body (arms, shoulders, legs & abdomen) and massage in. You can put a little bit under your nose (or in your moustache/ beard) to help with the aromatherapy part of this blend. All of these oils are stimulating for the emotions as well as for the body - the ginger helps to get things moving, and the black pepper is also a great stimulant to work with the digestive system so it can help to move the toxins along as you work out- just remember you need to hydrate while you work out and over the course of the day.

The oil blend stays on the skin longer and helps for moisture retention in the skin - although it will still let the sweat out.

The Moisturizer is a natural lotion that has great blend-in qualities which means that it is absorbed by the skin very easily, therefore letting the oils get to work faster and easier.

There are no wrong choices for the base of this blend. It is totally a matter of your preference.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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