HDPE Plastic Bottles With Misters/Sprayers

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Product Overview

HDPE bottles “High Density Polyethylene”

Our HDPE bottles comes in all sorts of sizes. These are amazing bottles for carrying your custom or DIY products and projects in! The best part is, they’re recyclable! Use the HDPE bottles guilt free and enjoy all your experiments and creations! We also REFILL all products that are purchased in these bottles.

What ever you decide to use these bottles for. We want to hear about it!! Whether you’re using it for Massage oil as an RMT, Grapeseed oil for or aestheticians or creating an outstanding project outside of the box!  The are some of the top bottles recommended for storing carriers and products with a carrier in.

Not recommended for storing pure essential oils in.

These are a #2 for recycling.  “A Hydrocarbon Polymer prepared from ethaline/Petroleum but a catalytic process. One of the world's more popular plastics.”

-High Quality

-Great Prices

-Trusted resource

-Recommended for aromatherapy use

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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