Green Tea Moisturizer

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Green Tea Moisturizer

For eons, people have been talking about the amazing effects of green tea - and justifiably so. Green tea as a drink has amazing benefits, so just imagine the wonders that can happen when you use it in your daily routine for your skin care! We start with our gentle moisturizing base and then add in Carrot seed, Rose and Patchouli essential oils with our green tea extract.   

Our Green Tea Moisturizer is full of gentle antioxidants to help promote skin health. Green tea is a great addition to general skin care routines because it has been known to help with Acne, clogged pores, age spots and wrinkles. It is really beneficial for almost all ages and skin types It is also known to help with protecting your skin from the daily pollution your face and neck are exposed to as well as sun damage and environmental chemicals that we all face :0 on a daily basis.

Our Green Tea Moisturizer has some anti-aging properties along with being mildly anti-inflammatory, which can assist with acne prone skin, calming the sebaceous glands.

Available in 60, 120 & 240 ml.


Suggestions for a wonderful skin care routine:

Morning Routine

Use our Green Tea Facial Cleanser

Then use one of our many Hydrosols as a natural skin toner (Peppermint for oily skin, Orange blossom or Rose for mature or normal type skin)

Follow up with Green Tea Moisturizer


Evening routine

Wash with Green tea cleanser

Follow with Green tea and Mango cream


As an extra pampering:

Use our sugar scrub/ salt scrub with green tea and other essential oils- follow instructions on scrub

Brew two green tea bags, drain and keep until slightly warm and apply to your closed eyes for 15 minutes



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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