Eternale Jeunesse Skincare Package

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Product Overview

Eternal Jeunesse

This is a complete facial care system, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, oil free facial serum, day cream, night cream and regenerating oil serum for the delicate area around the eyes.  Each product can stand alone or be used as part of your daily facial routine. 

What makes it better than other product is the unique energy charging protocol that it receives from your personal Micro-current rejuvenation treatment. The Eternale regeneration device, and other devices like the SCIO, Indigo, and the new QUEST 9 infuse our products with Micro-currents of energy at a biological level, unique to your skins needs based on your treatment. This works like the magnetic strip on a credit card, and can be re-charged every time you have a treatment, so it stays current with your unique needs.

The Eternale Jeunesse Skincare package - your defence kit against aging skin problems.

The package contains: 

 - Eternale Jeunesse Nourishing Cleanser - 60ml

 - Eternale Jeunesse Tightening Toner - 60 ml

 - Eternale Jeunesse Restorative Moisturiser - 60 ml

 - Eternale Jeunesse Fine Line Face Gel - 60 ml

 - Eternale Jeunesse Restorative Moisturizing Night Cream - 15 gms


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