Adult Minor Mishaps Spray

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Minor Mishaps Spray

A blend of Tea Tree and Lavender,  this is a great spray to help deal with occasional minor mishaps. 

Adult Minor Mishaps Spray in a water base: 60 ml $5.40; 120 ml $9.65

Adult Minor Mishaps Spray in a moisturizing base: 60 ml $ 6.35 and 120 ml $11.45

We all know how painful cuts and scraps canbe, and the lst thing we want is to get anything infected when we expose our open wounds. This is a great product to help keep the bad guys away while your body does the healing that it needs to do after an incident. This can be a blend in a water base or a moisturizing base. The essential oils in this blend are Lavender and Tea tree. We also have a version for children and pets.

Available in 60, 120, and 240ml.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review