Peppermint Candy Cane Diffuser blend

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Product Overview

Peppermint Candy Cane

Picture the smell of peppermint and chocolate put together.


This is a great blend all year round but it seems to be particularly popular during the Christmas season.

Its scent is sweet and minty and very similar to a candy cane, hence its name.

It is an uplifting blend and can be used in many different ways.


Use it as a diffuser and in the car-Good to help stimulate and give you a sweet disposition.

Use it as a personal scenter or roll on- it would be like wearing perfume, only it is natural.

Use it as a bubble bath- could feel a little cooling so this could be good for people who are hot easily, but maybe not so great for children.

Use it as a shower gel- This may still have a cooling effect but not as much as in the bubble bath.

Use it as a Shampoo & or Hair Conditioner- Your hair will smell amazing and it will likely hold quite a bit of the scent even though it is a wash-off product.


Available as a Diffuser in a pure undiluted form, in 5ml & 10ml

Also explore its other forms, available immediately upon request:

Personal scenter (safe to apply to skin)          5ml - $8.25   & 10ml -$15.15

Body Butter/ Cream                                      15gr - $11.10  25gr - $21.45 & 50gr - $36.65

Bubble Bath                                                  60ml-4.15  120ml- 7.45  240ml- 13.30

Shower Gel                                                   60ml-4.15  120ml- 7.45  240ml- 13.30

Shampoo                                                      60ml-4.15  120ml- 7.45  240ml- 13.30

Hair Conditioner                                            60ml-4.15  120ml- 7.45  240ml- 13.30

Roll On                                                         5ml - 8.25  10ml - 15.15


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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